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My faith is like shifting sand changed by every wave; My faith is like shifting I stand on grace. -Caedmon's Call Shifting Sand Isaiah 26:8, James 1:4, James, 1:22-27

Monday, July 03, 2006

Blah Blog

I know I haven't been posting much this summer; there's really not too much going on, not to mention I AM ADDICTED TO MYSPACE!!!

I just got back from Dallas, TX, where I was taking part in a week-long training session on teaching Pre-AP. For all of you who took AP classes in high school, the new trend is Pre-AP classes. These are classes in the ninth and tenth grade that are aimed at studying their particular curriculum but in a way that will prepare hard working students for their upper-class classes. I am really excited about this year, but it will not be an easy one.

Wedding planning is moving along. Jackie has been hired as our wedding planner and she is absolutely awesome. If you have a wedding in your future, and will have enough money to hire a planner, Jackie is highly worth it. She is helping us create a dream wedding. I am so excited that I get to have the wedding I always envisioned. It is going to be such a blast!!

That's really all I have right now. I am sure as the school year and wedding get closer and closer, I'll have plenty to blog about; for now, I'm out!!


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